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The Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP) monitors and compares healthcare systems among 35 countries, including all EU member states as well as Canada. Open benchmarking improves performance. Presenting our conclusions through 50 various health consumer index editions, we provide guidance to patients and citizens, reality checks to governments and marketing opportunities to our sponsors.

In 2005, the HCP launched its first Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI). One year later we started providing country policy recommendations for improvement and consumers’ tools for empowerment. Indexes of performance in specific healthcare needs (diagnoses, illness groups, care needs) advise governments and healthcare systems on how to improve performance and strengthen the position of the healthcare consumer. Today the European Commission regards our “flagship” – the EHCI – to be the most informative and influential assessment of European healthcare.

The user-friendly index measurement methodology allows consumers to evaluate healthcare performance and do illness management. There are HCP Indices in areas such as heart disease, diabetes, HIV-AIDS, COPD, breast cancer, renal care, vaccines, smoke cessation and patient information, to mention some. In the HCP pipeline for publication during the next six months are the Euro Vision Scorecard, the Euro Health Consumer Index 2013 and the Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index.

HCP is a private company funded by unconditional research grants from stakeholders and by co-operation with the European Commission. In all our work the focus is on consumer empowerment and patients' rights. All research material is published on our websites and available free of charge. Our reports can be freely quoted, referring to the source.

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